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generosity as manifested by practicing charity (as for the poor or unfortunate) charitableness
practice range for practicing golf shots driving range , golf range
member of a Hindu sect practicing gymnosophy (especially nudism) gymnosophist
fee paid to the government for the privilege of being licensed to do something (as selling liquor or practicing medicine) license fee , license tax , licensing fee
hater of practicing piano misodoctakleidist
place for practicing golf shots practice range
trait of practicing caution in advance precaution
in societies practicing shamanism: one acting as a medium between the visible and spirit worlds; practices sorcery for healing or divination priest-doctor , shaman
discrimination against group allegedly practicing discrimination reverse discrimination
trait of practicing self discipline self-denial , self-discipline
member of Christian group practicing celibacy and communal living and common possession of property and separation from the world Shaker
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