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ectopic pregnancy in the abdominal cavity abdominal pregnancy
end pregnancy before full term abort
termination of pregnancy abortion
abortion-inducing drug (trade name RU_486) developed in France; when taken during the first five weeks of pregnancy it blocks the action of progesterone so that the uterus sloughs off the embryo abortion pill , mifepristone , RU 486
disorder of pregnancy in which the placenta prematurely separates from the wall of the uterus abruptio placentae
(pregnancy) extraction by centesis of amniotic fluid from a pregnant woman (after the 15th week of pregnancy) to aid in the diagnosis of fetal abnormalities amnio , amniocentesis
pregnancy for genetic abnormalities and sex of fetus, test during amniocentesis
absence of ovulation due to immaturity or post-maturity or pregnancy or oral contraceptive pills or dysfunction of the ovary anovulation
pregnancy, concerning antenatal , prenatal
pregnancy, technique for determining position of fetus in ballottement
method of preventing pregnancy birth control
painless contractions of the muscles of the uterus that continue throughout pregnancy with increasing frequency Braxton-Hicks contraction , false labor
concluding state of pregnancy; from the onset of labor to the birth of a child childbed , confinement , labor , labour , lying-in , parturiency , travail
skin during pregnancy, patches on chloasma
tan discoloration of a woman's face that is associated with pregnancy or with the use of oral contraceptives chloasma , mask of pregnancy , melasma
prenatal test to detect birth defects at an early stage of pregnancy; tissue from the chorionic villi is assayed chorionic villus biopsy , chorionic villus sampling
pregnancy prevention method contraception
pregnancy, non-Western cultural practice where husband takes to bed in couvade
synthetic nonsteroid with the properties of estrogen; formerly used to treat menstrual problems but was found to be associated with vaginal cancers in the daughters of women so treated during pregnancy DES , diethylstilbesterol , stilbesterol
pregnancy resulting from gestation elsewhere than in the uterus eccyesis , ectopic gestation , ectopic pregnancy , extrauterine gestation , extrauterine pregnancy , metacyesis
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