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semi-evergreen Japanese shrub having malodorous flowers; used extensively for hedges because more likely to stay green that common privet California privet , Ligustrum ovalifolium
erect evergreen treelike shrub of China and Korea and Japan having acuminate leaves and flowers in long erect panicles; resembles Japanese privet Chinese privet , Ligustrum lucidum , white wax tree
trees and shrubs having berries or drupes or capsules as fruits; sometimes placed in the order Oleales: olive; ash; jasmine; privet; lilac family Oleaceae , Oleaceae , olive family
genus of Old World shrubs: privet genus Ligustrum , Ligustrum
evergreen shrub of Japan and Korea having small dark leaves and flowers in loose panicles; related to but smaller than Chinese privet Japanese privet , Ligustrum japonicum
hedge of privet plants privet hedge
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