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erect to procumbent evergreen shrub having pendent clusters of white or pink flowers; of sphagnum peat bogs and other wet acidic areas in northern Europe Andromeda polifolia , common bog rosemary , marsh andromeda
procumbent Old World mat-forming evergreen shrub with racemes of pinkish-white flowers bryanthus
tropical annual procumbent poisonous subshrub having fruit that splits into five spiny nutlets; serious pasture weed caltrop , devil's weed , Tribulus terestris
erect or procumbent blue-flowered annual found in waste places of Europe and America corn speedwell , Veronica arvensis
slow-growing procumbent evergreen shrublet of northern North America and Japan having white flowers and numerous white fleshy rough and hairy seeds creeping snowberry , Gaultheria hispidula , maidenhair berry , moxie plum
procumbent variety of the common juniper dwarf juniper , ground cedar , Juniperus communis depressa
procumbent or spreading juniper dwarf juniper , Juniperus sabina , savin
genus of erect or procumbent herbs of the Americas having spikes of woolly white flowers: cottonweed Froelichia , genus Froelichia
evergreen perennial procumbent subshrubs or herbs genus Pachysandra
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