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acute leukemia characterized by proliferation of immature lymphoblast-like cells in bone marrow, lymph nodes, spleen, and blood; most common in children acute lymphoblastic leukemia , acute lymphocytic leukemia
acute leukemia characterized by proliferation of granular leukocytes; most common in adolescents and young adults acute myelocytic leukemia , acute myeloid leukemia
anti-TNF compound (trade name Arava) that is given orally; can slow the progression of rheumatoid arthritis by slowing the proliferation of white blood cells which reduces inflammation in the synovium Arava , leflunomide
malignant neoplasm of blood-forming tissues; characterized by abnormal proliferation of leukocytes; one of the four major types of cancer cancer of the blood , leucaemia , leukaemia , leukemia
any drug that has a toxic effect on cells; commonly used in chemotherapy to inhibit the proliferation of cancerous cells cytotoxic drug
disturbance in which bone that is undergoing lysis is replaced by an abnormal proliferation of fibrous tissue resulting in bone lesions or skin lesions fibrous dysplasia of bone
Russia's intelligence service responsible for foreign operations, intelligence-gathering and analysis, and the exchange of intelligence information; collaborates with other countries to oppose proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, terrorism and or Foreign Intelligence Service , Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki , SVR
malignant neoplasm of blood-forming tissues; marked by proliferation of myelocytes and their presence in the blood granulocytic leukemia , myelocytic leukemia
(pathology) an abnormal proliferation of tissue (as in a tumor) growth
leukemia characterized by the proliferation of monocytes and monoblasts in the blood histiocytic leukaemia , histiocytic leukemia , monoblastic leukaemia , monoblastic leukemia , monocytic leukaemia , monocytic leukemia
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