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prolific English writer of detective stories (1890-1976) Agatha Christie , Christie , Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie
prolific South American aquatic weed having grasslike leaves and short spikes of white flowers; clogs waterways with dense floating masses alligator grass , alligator weed , Alternanthera philoxeroides
prolific Italian dramatist (1707-1793) Carlo Goldoni , Goldoni
prolific species having particularly beautiful dark blue flowers common grape hyacinth , Muscari neglectum
prolific United States writer (1822-1909) Edward Everett Hale , Hale
prolific English dramatist who collaborated with Francis Beaumont and many other dramatists (1579-1625) Fletcher , John Fletcher
prolific Austrian composer who influenced the classical form of the symphony (1732-1809) Franz Joseph Haydn , Haydn , Joseph Haydn
prolific British baroque composer (born in Germany) remembered best for his oratorio Messiah (1685-1759) George Frederick Handel , George Frideric Handel , Georg Friedrich Handel , Handel
prolific English writer best known for his science-fiction novels; he also wrote on contemporary social problems and wrote popular accounts of history and science (1866-1946) H. G. Wells , Herbert George Wells , Wells
prolific Spanish playwright (1562-1635) Lope de Vega , Lope Felix de Vega Carpio , Vega
prolific Austrian composer and child prodigy; master of the classical style in all its forms of his time (1756-1791) Mozart , Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
prolific and influential Spanish artist who lived in France (1881-1973) Pablo Picasso , Picasso
prolific Flemish baroque painter; knighted by the English king Charles I (1577-1640) Peter Paul Rubens , Rubens , Sir Peter Paul Rubens
prolific, childrenwise philoprogenitive
prolific animal that feeds chiefly on earthworms tailless tenrec , Tenrec ecaudatus
fluent and prolific writer wordsmith
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