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defense of some offensive behavior or some failure to keep a promise etc. alibi , exculpation , excuse , self-justification
mutual promise to marry betrothal , engagement , troth
someone who receives something on the promise to return it or its equivalent borrower
disobedience of the law, moral conduct, or a promise breach
failure to keep a promise (of marriage) breach of promise
promise of reward as in carrot and stick carrot
written promise to repay a debt certificate of indebtedness , debt instrument
qualities that attract by seeming to promise some kind of reward come-on , enticement , lure
promise to human race, God's covenant
fail to pay debt, keep promise default , welsh
promise despite resistance, to obtain a extract
act of consummating something (a desire or promise etc) fulfillment , fulfilment
promise of reimbursement in the case of loss; paid to people or companies so concerned about hazards that they have made prepayments to an insurance company insurance
complex of antibiotic substances obtained from a streptomyces bacterium; one form (trade name Mutamycin) shows promise as an anticancer drug mitomycin , Mutamycin
unconditional order or promise to pay an amount of money negotiable instrument
promise to pay a specified amount on demand or at a certain time note , note of hand , promissory note
solemn promise, usually invoking a divine witness, regarding your future acts or behavior oath
solemn promise oath
contract in which you promise to deliver your entire output to the other party who promises to accept it output contract
early release of a prisoner based on the promise of good behavior parole
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