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physicist born in Germany who formulated the special theory of relativity and the general theory of relativity; Einstein also proposed that light consists of discrete quantized bundles of energy (later called photons) (1879-1955) Albert Einstein , Einstein
German geophysicist who proposed the theory of continental drift (1880-1930) Alfred Lothar Wegener , Wegener
Italian physicist noted for his work on gases; proposed what has come to be called Avogadro's law (1776-1856) Amedeo Avogadro , Avogadro
French politician who proposed the Maginot Line (1877-1932) Andre Maginot , Maginot
United States economist who proposed the Laffer curve (born in 1940) Arthur Laffer , Laffer
public announcement of a proposed marriage banns
simplified form of English proposed for use as an auxiliary language for international communication; devised by C. K. Ogden and I. A. Richards Basic English
French philosopher who proposed elan vital as the cause of evolution and development (1859-1941) Bergson , Henri Bergson , Henri Louis Bergson
proposed law bill
Indian physicist who with Albert Einstein proposed statistical laws based on the indistinguishability of particles; led to the description of fundamental particles that later came to be known as bosons Bose , Satyendra N. Bose , Satyendra Nath Bose
Swedish botanist who proposed the modern system of biological nomenclature (1707-1778) Carl von Linne , Carolus Linnaeus , Karl Linne , Linnaeus
(biology) the theory that cells form the fundamental structural and functional units of all living organisms; proposed in 1838 by Matthias Schleiden and by Theodor Schwann cell doctrine , cell theory
French naturalist who proposed that evolution resulted from the inheritance of acquired characteristics (1744-1829) Chevalier de Lamarck , Jean Baptiste de Lamarck , Lamarck
Alexandrian astronomer who proposed a geocentric system of astronomy that was undisputed until Copernicus (2nd century AD) Claudius Ptolemaeus , Ptolemy
Prussian general and military theorist who proposed a doctrine of total war and war as an extension of diplomacy (1780-1831) Clausewitz , Karl von Clausewitz
radical terrorist group that broke away in 1997 when the mainstream Provisional IRA proposed a cease-fire; has continued terrorist activities in opposition to any peace agreement Dissident Irish Republican Army , Real IRA , Real Irish Republican Army , RIRA
United States politician who proposed that individual territories be allowed to decide whether they would have slavery; he engaged in a famous series of debates with Abraham Lincoln (1813-1861) Douglas , Little Giant , Stephen A. Douglas , Stephen Arnold Douglas
Belgian cosmologist who proposed the big-bang theory of the origin of the universe (1894-1966) Edouard Lemaitre , Georges Henri Lemaitre , Lemaitre
British physicist (born in New Zealand) who discovered the atomic nucleus and proposed a nuclear model of the atom (1871-1937) Ernest Rutherford , First Baron Rutherford , First Baron Rutherford of Nelson , Rutherford
intoxicating agent in fermented and distilled liquors; used pure or denatured as a solvent or in medicines and colognes and cleaning solutions and rocket fuel; proposed as a renewable clean-burning additive to gasoline ethanol , ethyl alcohol , fermentation alcohol , grain alcohol
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