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protozoan that lives in water or moist environments amoeba
amoeba-like protozoan with a chitinous shell resembling an umbrella arcella
protozoan with a microscopic appendage extending from the surface of the cell ciliate , ciliated protozoan , ciliophoran
fatal disease of freshwater fish caused by a flagellated protozoan invading the skin costiasis
mouth of a protozoan cytostome
protozoan with an ovoid shell of cemented sand grains difflugia
usually nonphotosynthetic free-living protozoan with whiplike appendages; some are pathogens of humans and other animals flagellate , flagellated protozoan , flagellate protozoan , mastigophoran , mastigophore
protozoan inhabiting moist soils or bottom vegetation in fresh or salt water genus Amoeba
flagellate protozoan that causes leishmaniasis genus Leishmania , Leishmania
marine protozoan having a rounded shell with spiny processes globigerina
parasitic protozoan of the genus Plasmodium that causes malaria in humans malaria parasite , plasmodium , Plasmodium vivax
(biology) a single-celled microorganism (especially a flagellate protozoan) monad
large bioluminescent marine protozoan noctiluca , Noctiluca miliaris
large fossil protozoan of the Tertiary period nummulite
microscopic protozoan, oval ciliate paramecium
any infection caused by a protozoan protozoal infection
parasitic spore-forming protozoan sporozoan
flagellate protozoan lacking photosynthesis and other plant-like characteristics zooflagellate , zoomastigote
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