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statements affirming or denying certain matters of fact that you are prepared to prove allegation , allegement
theology that defends and tries to prove Christian doctrines apologetics
prove correct, true, genuine attest , authenticate , testify , validate , verify , vouch for
prove with evidence bear out , corroborate , substantiate , verify
prove false belie , confute , contradict , disprove , rebut , refute
rule of evidence requiring that to prove the content of a writing or recording or photograph the original is required best evidence rule
prove wrong confute
wrong, prove a statement confute , rebut , refute
mistaken, to prove someone confute , rebut , refute
incorrect, to prove something confute , rebut , refute
false, to prove confute , rebut , refute
prove or exemplify evidence , manifest
prove, impossible to dis- incontrovertible
subsidiary proposition that is assumed to be true in order to prove another proposition lemma
prove or show clearly manifest
test based on blood groups to determine whether a particular man could be the biological father of a particular child; negative results prove he was not the father but positive results show only that he could be paternity test
prove wrong by argument refute
insane, to allege or prove stultify
fromulated ideas that explain, prove something theory
prove the worth of vindicate
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