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battle in World War I (May 1918); the Germans tried to attack before the American numbers were too great to defeat; the tactical success of the Germans proved to be a strategic failure battle of Soissons-Reims , battle of the Aisne , battle of the Chemin-des-Dames , Soissons
capability of being demonstrated or logically proved demonstrability , provability
concept whose truth can be proved fact
United States physicist (born in Germany) who with Gustav Hertz performed an electron scattering experiment that proved the existence of the stationary energy states postulated by Niels Bohr (1882-1964) Franck , James Franck
German physicist who with James Franck proved the existence of the stationary energy states postulated by Bohr (1887-1975) Gustav Hertz , Gustav Ludwig Hertz , Hertz
logical fallacy of using as a true premise a proposition that is yet to be proved hysteron proteron
logical fallacy of supposing that an argument proving an irrelevant point has proved the point at issue ignoratio elenchi
Dutch astronomer who proved that the galaxy is rotating and proposed the existence of the Oort cloud (1900-1992) Jan Hendrix Oort , Oort
oral drug (trade name Mevacor) to reduce blood cholesterol levels; used when dietary changes have proved inadequate lovastatin , Mevacor
(law) an inference of the truth of a fact from other facts proved or admitted or judicially noticed presumption
Greek philosopher and mathematician who proved the Pythagorean theorem; considered to be the first true mathematician (circa 580-500 BC) Pythagoras
proved, which was to be QED , quod erat demonstrandum
United States physician who proved that yellow fever is transmitted by mosquitoes (1851-1902) Reed , Walter Reed
mathematical statement to be proved by reasoning theorem
argument that assumes that which is to be proved vicious circle
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