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(psychoanalysis) purging of emotional tensions abreaction , catharsis , katharsis
(psychoanalysis) a lack of cathexis; a condition in which significant objects or memories arouse no emotion in an individual acathexis
(psychoanalysis) relationship marked by strong dependence on others; especially a libidinal attachment to e.g. a parental figure anaclisis
(psychoanalysis) a personality characterized by meticulous neatness and suspicion and reserve; said to be formed in early childhood by fixation during the anal stage of development (usually as a consequence of toilet training) anal personality , anal retentive personality
(psychoanalysis) the second sexual and social stage of a child's development during which bowel control is learned anal phase , anal stage
person undergoing psychoanalysis analysand
licensed practitioner of psychoanalysis analyst , psychoanalyst
(psychoanalysis) anxiety resulting from real or imagined threats to your sexual functions; originally applied only to men but can in principal apply to women castration anxiety
(psychoanalysis) the libidinal energy invested in some idea or person or object cathexis , charge
(psychoanalysis) a combination of emotions and impulses that have been rejected from awareness but still influence a person's behavior complex
(psychoanalysis) an unconscious process whereby two ideas or images combine into a single symbol; especially in dreams condensation
(psychoanalysis) an unconscious urge to die death instinct , death wish , Thanatos
(psychoanalysis) the conscious mind ego
(psychoanalysis) the part of the ego that contains an ideal of personal excellence toward which a person strives ego ideal
British psychologist (born in Germany) noted for his theories of intelligence and personality and for his strong criticism of Freudian psychoanalysis Eysenck , H. J. Eysenck , Hans Eysenck , Hans Jurgen Eysenck
spontaneous connections during psychoanalysis free association
Austrian neurologist who originated psychoanalysis (1856-1939) Freud , Sigmund Freud
(psychoanalysis) the mature personality which is not dominated by infantile pleasure drives genital personality
(psychoanalysis) the fifth sexual and social stage in a person's development occurring during adolescence; interest focuses on sexual activity genital phase , genital stage
use of hypnosis in conjunction with psychoanalysis hypnoanalysis
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