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surface lift where riders hold a bar and are pulled up the hill on their skis Alpine lift , T-bar , T-bar lift
board that is pulled by a speedboat as a person stands on it and skims over the top of the water aquaplane
handle or cord that is pulled to ring a doorbell or a servant's bell etc. bellpull
light carriage; pulled by a single horse brougham
railway up the side of a mountain pulled by a moving cable and having counterbalancing ascending and descending cars cable railway , funicular , funicular railway
long cloak with a hood that can be pulled over the head capote , hooded cloak
long overcoat with a hood that can be pulled over the head capote , hooded coat
carriage pulled by four horses with one driver coach , coach-and-four , four-in-hand
part of a gunlock that strikes the percussion cap when the trigger is pulled cock , hammer
plastic surgery to remove wrinkles and other signs of aging from your face; an incision is made near the hair line and skin is pulled back and excess tissue is excised cosmetic surgery , facelift , face lift , face lifting , lift , nip and tuck , rhytidectomy , rhytidoplasty
party favor consisting of a paper roll (usually containing candy or a small favor) that pops when pulled at both ends cracker , cracker bonbon , snapper
sled pulled by dogs dogsled , dog sled , dog sleigh
strong metal bar bearing a hook to attach something to be pulled drawbar
elasticity of a body that has been pulled out of shape by a shearing force elasticity of shear
mixture of resins and waxes to remove cosmetically undesirable hair; mixture is applied hot to the surface and after cooling is pulled away taking the hairs with it epilating wax
net that will enclose fish when it is pulled in fishing net , fishnet
elaborate display mounted on a platform carried by a truck (or pulled by a truck) in a procession or parade float
wheeled vehicle that can be pulled by a car or truck and is equipped for occupancy house trailer , trailer
abnormal condition in which an organ is turned inward or inside out (as when the upper part of the uterus is pulled into the cervical canal after childbirth) inversion
small two-wheeled cart for one passenger; pulled by one person jinrikisha , ricksha , rickshaw
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