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pump that moves air in or out of something air pump , vacuum pump
pump that replaces the natural heart artificial heart
pump used to create partial vacuum aspirator
pump that draws air or another gas through a liquid aspirator
supplementary pump available if needed auxiliary pump , donkey pump
small pump that fills bicycle tires with air bicycle pump
pump to remove bilgewater bilge pump
pump that use centrifugal force to discharge fluid into a pipe centrifugal pump
vacuum pump used to obtain a high vacuum condensation pump , diffusion pump
inability to pump enough blood to avoid congestion in the tissues congestive heart failure
inability of the heart to pump enough blood to sustain normal bodily functions coronary failure , heart failure
detachable plate that covers the closed end of a cylinder chamber in a reciprocating engine or pump cylinder head
pump used to force a liquid up and expel it under pressure force pump
mechanical system of lubricating internal combustion engines in which a pump forces oil into the engine bearings force-feed lubricating system , force feed , lubricating system , pressure-feed lubricating system , pressure feed
pump in a service station that draws gasoline from underground storage tanks gasoline pump , gas pump , island dispenser
hand-operated pump that resembles a revolver; forces grease into parts of a machine grease-gun , gun
pump for information grill , interrogate , question , quiz
pump worked by hand hand pump
pump to maintain circulation during heart surgery; diverts blood from the heart and oxygenates it and then pumps it through the body heart-lung machine
water pump that uses the kinetic energy of flowing water to force a small fraction of that water to a reservoir at a higher level hydraulic pump , hydraulic ram
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