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propeller that rotates to push against air airplane propeller , airscrew , prop
bulldozer with an angled moldboard to push earth to one side angledozer
positive feeling of wanting to push ahead with something avidity , avidness , eagerness , keenness
push button at an outer door that gives a ringing or buzzing signal when pushed bell , buzzer , doorbell
pole-handled hook used to pull or push boats boat hook
act of giving a push boost
push around bully , intimidate , threaten
push oneself to the limit challenge
push on continue , journey , proceed
push off depart , exit , launch , leave , start , withdraw
push out exert , extrude
umbilical hernia at birth in which some abdominal organs push into the umbilical cord exomphalos
force or push out extrude
push forward impel , propel
push in inappropriately intrude
slight push or shake jog , nudge
push gently jostle , nudge , nudge
push button on the mouse mouse button
someone who nudges; someone who gives a gentle push nudger
push oneself or ideas on others obtrude
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