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destroy and put an end to abolish
wife who poisoned Claudius after her son Nero was declared heir and who was then put to death by Nero Agrippina , Agrippina the Younger
warm cupboard where you put newly washed clothes until they are completely dry airing cupboard
Scottish sailor who was put ashore on a deserted island off the coast of Chile for five years (providing the basis for Daniel Defoe's novel about Robinson Crusoe) (1676-1721) Alexander Selcraig , Alexander Selkirk , Selcraig , Selkirk
Italian pope whose nepotism put the Borgia family in power in Italy (1378-1458) Alfonso Borgia , Borgia , Calixtus III
put oneself on one side of an issue align
French economist who in 1774 was put in control of finances by Louis XVI; his proposals for reforms that involved abolishing feudal privileges made him unpopular with the aristocracy and in 1776 he was dismissed (1727-1781) Anne Robert Jacques Turgot , Turgot
religious ceremony, to put oil on during anoint
put into action apply , launch
relatively short golf shot intended to put the ball onto the putting green approach , approach shot
put aside for specific use appropriate
hole through which you put your arm and where a sleeve can be attached armhole
order, to put carefully in arrange , codify , collate , collocate , systematize , tabulate
idea into words, to put an articulate , formulate
put together assemble , compose , marry , piece
put out food to catch prey bait
restraint put around something to hold it together band
put under a spell bewitch
put on a list of banned people blacklist
pillow that is often put across a bed underneath the regular pillows bolster , long pillow
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