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rack to hold meat for cooking over hot charcoal usually out of doors barbecue , barbeque
rack for parking bicycles bicycle rack
rack attached to a vehicle; for carrying luggage or skis or the like carrier
rack with hooks for temporarily holding coats and hats coatrack , coat rack , hatrack
rack for holding dishes as dishwater drains off of them dish rack
rack used primarily to display dresses for sale in a store dress rack
rack that holds hay for feeding livestock hayrack
rack for displaying magazines magazine rack
bicycle basket fastened to rack over wheels pannier
gear with a small number of teeth designed to mesh with a larger wheel or rack pinion
rack for holding a smoker's pipes pipe rack
rack for holding plates to dry after they have been washed plate rack
mechanical device consisting of a toothed wheel or rack engaged with a pawl that permits it to move in only one direction rachet , ratch , ratchet
wheel gear (the pinion) meshes with a toothed rack; converts rotary to reciprocating motion (and vice versa) rack and pinion
attendant who puts pool or billiard balls into a rack racker
rack used in carpentry sawhorse
rack for displaying containers filled with spices spice rack
rack or upright thing stand
rack for storing ties tie rack
rack for holding slices of toast toastrack
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