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breaking off in the middle of a sentence (as by writers of realistic conversations) aposiopesis
early 20th-century United States painting; portrays realistic and sordid scenes of city life Ash Can , Ashcan school
group of United States painters founded in 1907 and noted for their realistic depictions of sordid aspects of city life Ashcan School , Eight
Italian painter noted for his realistic depiction of religious subjects and his novel use of light (1573-1610) Caravaggio , Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio
film documentary, realistic cinema verité
French painter noted for his realistic depiction of everyday scenes (1819-1877) Courbet , Gustave Courbet
British writer of novels characterized by realistic analysis of provincial Victorian society (1819-1880) Eliot , George Eliot , Mary Ann Evans
realistic Norwegian author who wrote plays on social and political themes (1828-1906) Henrik Ibsen , Henrik Johan Ibsen , Ibsen
doctrine of realistic (literal) portrayal in art or literature literalism
artistic movement in the United States that was derived from the Hudson River school; active from 1850 to 1870; painted realistic landscapes in a style that pictured atmospheric light and the use of aerial perspective luminism
genre of meticulously realistic painting of imaginary scenes and fantastic images magic realism
artistic movement in 19th century France; artists and writers strove for detailed realistic and factual description naturalism , realism
realistic in art, writing naturalistic , representational
realistic interactive simulation of an environment by a computer virtual reality
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