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(Christian theology) the reappearance of Jesus as judge for the Last Judgment Advent , Parousia , Second Advent , Second Coming , Second Coming of Christ
reappearance of an earlier characteristic atavism , reversion , throwback
actor or cast reappearance to acknowledge applause curtain call
applause, reappearance of cast to acknowledge curtain call
(astronomy) the reappearance of a celestial body after an eclipse egress , emersion
demand for a reappearance or another performance encore
melodic phrase that accompanies the reappearance of a person or situation (as in Wagner's operas) leitmotif , leitmotiv
reappearance in a painting of an underlying image that had been painted over (usually when the later painting becomes transparent with age) pentimento
embodiment in a new form (especially the reappearance or a person in another form) reincarnation
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