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English statesman and philosopher; precursor of British empiricism; advocated inductive reasoning (1561-1626) 1st Baron Verulam , Bacon , Baron Verulam , Francis Bacon , Sir Francis Bacon , Viscount St. Albans
reasoning from specific to general, concerning a posteriori , empirical , inductive
reasoning, using deduction in a priori , deductive
act of predicting (as by reasoning about the future) anticipation , prediction , prevision
methodical process of logical reasoning argumentation , line , line of reasoning , logical argument
someone whose reasoning is subtle and often specious casuist , sophist
reasoning, excessively subtle but plausible casuistry , sophistry
reasoning, complicated choplogic
reasoning in a circle, of circular
reasoning, appealing to powers of cogent , compelling , convincing , incisive , trenchant
psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning cognition , knowledge , noesis
proposition arrived at by logical reasoning (such as the proposition that must follow from the major and minor premises of a syllogism) conclusion , ratiocination
opinion that agrees with the court's disposition of the case but is written to express a particular judge's reasoning concurring opinion
reasoning that involves the formation of conclusions from incomplete evidence conjecture
reasoning, arrive at by deduce , derive , infer
think by reasoning deduce , figure
drawing conclusion from general to particular reasoning deduction
general to the particular, in reasoning deduction
reasoning, drawing of a conclusion by deduction
reasoning from the general to the particular (or from cause to effect) deduction , deductive reasoning , synthesis
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