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large recently extinct long-horned European wild ox; considered one of the ancestors of domestic cattle aurochs , Bos primigenius , urus
female salmon that has recently spawned blackfish
critical review of a book (usually a recently published book) book review
woman who has recently been married bride
woman soon to be or recently married bride
man soon to be or recently married bridegroom
man who has recently been married bridegroom , groom
recently discovered large wild pig of Paraguay Chiacoan peccary
freezing of a seriously ill or recently deceased person to stop tissues from decomposing; the body is preserved until new medical cures are developed that might bring the person back to life cryonics
ratite bird order: recently extinct flightless birds of New Zealand Dinornithiformes , order Dinornithiformes
formal expression of praise for someone who has died recently eulogium , eulogy
family comprising a single genus that until recently was considered part of Taxodiaceae family Sciadopityaceae , Sciadopityaceae
redwoods; until recently considered a genus of a separate family Taxodiaceae genus Sequoia
giant sequoias; sometimes included in the genus Sequoia; until recently placed in the Taxodiaceae genus Sequoiadendron , Sequoiadendron
edible crab that has not recently molted and so has a hard shell hard-shell crab
any recently hatched animal (especially birds) hatchling
someone recently married honeymooner , newlywed
inventory accounting in which the most recently acquired items are assumed to be the first sold last in first out , LIFO
recently enlisted soldier military recruit , recruit
milk secreted by a woman who has recently given birth mother's milk
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