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act of accepting with approval; favorable reception acceptance , acceptation , adoption , espousal
large entrance or reception room or area antechamber , anteroom , entrance hall , foyer , hall , lobby , vestibule
reception held in your own home at home
rich cake with two or more tiers and covered with frosting and decorations; served at a wedding reception bridecake , wedding cake
watch established for the reception of traffic of interest to the unit maintaining the watch continuous receiver watch , listening watch
(electronics) the reception of a signal by extracting it from the carrier wave demodulation
formal reception of visitors or guests (as at a royal court) levee
someone trained in neuroscience and linguistics who studies brain processes during language production and reception neurolinguist
reception room in an inn or club where visitors can be received parlor , parlour
any quality or characteristic that gains a person a favorable reception or acceptance or admission passport , recommendation
sensory structure capable of light reception located on the dorsal side of the diencephalon in various reptiles pineal eye , third eye
wireless transmission, reception of sound radio
line of people (hosts and guests of honor) who welcome the guests at a reception party reception line
electronic equipment that makes speech unintelligible during transmission and restores it at reception scrambler
party or reception, evening soiree
reception or party at which tea is served tea
reception for wedding guests held after the wedding wedding reception
greeting or reception welcome
friendly reception welcome
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