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trait of lacking restraint or control; reckless freedom from inhibition or worry abandon , unconstraint , wantonness
reckless attack with intent to injure seriously (as with a deadly weapon) aggravated assault
one of the ancient Norse warriors legendary for working themselves into a frenzy before a battle and fighting with reckless savagery and insane fury berserk , berserker
reckless and unprincipled reprobate black sheep , scapegrace
someone who is reckless or irresponsible (especially in driving vehicles) cowboy
reckless impetuous irresponsible person daredevil , harum-scarum , hothead , lunatic , madcap , swashbuckler
reckless or malicious behavior that causes discomfort or annoyance in others devilment , devilry , deviltry , mischief , mischief-making , mischievousness , rascality , roguery , roguishness , shenanigan
reckless pedestrian who crosses a street illegally jaywalker
reckless ride joyride
bravado, reckless Russian roulette
flamboyantly reckless and boastful behavior swashbuckling
reckless and impetuous person tearaway
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