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found around the Great Barrier Reef Achoerodus gouldii , giant pigfish , pigfish
reef, ringlike coral island or atoll
coral island or reef that encircles lagoon atoll
island consisting of a circular coral reef surrounding a lagoon atoll
long narrow sandy island (wider than a reef) running parallel to the shore barrier island
reef near coastline barrier reef
long coral reef near and parallel to the shore barrier reef
massive reef-building coral having a convoluted and furrowed surface brain coral
coral reef off the southern coast of Florida cay , Florida key , key
reef consisting of coral consolidated into limestone coral reef
square knot used in a reef line flat knot , reef knot
reef knot crossed the wrong way and therefore insecure granny , granny knot
largest coral reef in the world; in the Coral Sea off the northeastern coast of Australia Great Barrier Reef
reef, body of water separated from sea by lagoon
body of water cut off from a larger body by a reef of sand or coral lagoon , laguna , lagune
underwater reef ledge
reef or island, small rocky skerry
brightly colored coral-reef fish with knifelike spines at the tail surgeonfish
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