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referring to a menu that prices items separately a la carte
terms referring to the Judeo-Christian God Almighty , Creator , Divine , God Almighty , Godhead , Jehovah , Lord , Maker
referring to, concerning, concerning anent , apropos of
coloring of animal, referring to protective apatetic
referring to a specifically known amount certain
act of referring or consulting consultation , reference
religious matters, referring to non-profane, secular, temporal religious meeting, secret or illegal conventicle
battery chemical action, referring to galvanic , voltaic
group, referring to an entire generic
informal terms referring to a domestic cat kitty , kitty-cat , puss , pussy , pussycat
hands, referring to manual
birth, referring to the place of one's native
carbon compounds, referring to organic
meaning, linguistic item in its capacity of referring to a referent
act of referring (as forwarding an applicant for employment or referring a matter to an appropriate agency) referral
pronoun (as `that' or `which' or `who') that introduces a relative clause referring to some antecedent relative pronoun
formal way of referring to the condition of something repair
referring to one person or thing singular
referring to current events or news topical
half-brother or -sister, referring to uterine
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