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reject validity or authority of abjure , forswear , renounce , repudiate
hearing held by the US Senate to gather information on whether to approve or reject candidates for high federal office who are nominated by the president confirmation hearing
agreement, formally reject denounce
deny and reject validity of disaffirm , rebut , refute , repudiate
reject commitment or responsibility disavow , disown , forsake
reject and throw away discard , jettison
reject or treat with contempt disdain , spurn
one of a set of parallel slats in a door or window to admit air and reject rain fin , louver , louvre
any of several sects of Orthodox Judaism that reject modern secular culture and many of whom do not recognize the spiritual authority of the modern state of Israel Haredi
(immunology) the degree to which the body's immune system will try to reject foreign material (as transfused blood or transplanted tissue) incompatibility
reject lover jilt
reject or shun ostracize
jury member, defendant's right to reject peremptory challenge
accusation, reject or deny repudiate
reject someone unkindly snub
power or right to prohibit or reject a proposed or intended act (especially the power of a chief executive to reject a bill passed by the legislature) veto
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