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meeting minimum requirements adequate
accountant who has passed certain examinations and met all other statutory and licensing requirements of a United States state to be certified by that state certified public accountant , CPA
legal requirements code
fulfilling requirements compliance
Jew who keeps some requirements of Mosaic law but adapts others to suit modern circumstances Conservative Jew
Jews who keep some of the requirements of the Mosaic law but allow for adaptation of other requirements (as some of the dietary laws) to fit modern circumstances Conservative Judaism
(Judaism) a solemn and major fast day on the Jewish calendar; 10th of Tishri; its observance is one of the requirements of the Mosaic law Day of Atonement , Yom Kippur
unit used in estimating fuel requirements for heating a building degree day
fulfill requirements eligible
free from requirements exempt
set of standards established and enforced by government for health requirements as in plumbing etc health code , sanitary code
problem-oriented language used to describe job requirements to an operating system job-control language
food that fulfills the requirements of Jewish dietary law kosher
military intelligence agency that provides for the intelligence and counterintelligence and investigative and security requirements of the United States Navy Office of Naval Intelligence , ONI
act of proving that an instrument purporting to be a will was signed and executed in accord with legal requirements probate
contestant who meets certain requirements and so qualifies to take part in the next stage of competition qualifier
contract in which you agree to purchase all your requirements of a particular sort from one party requirements contract
list of specific requirements specifications , specs
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