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hidden resource ace in the hole
secret key resource or weapon ace in the hole , trump card
resource aid , assistance , help
identification of journalistic resource attribution
large region between the Black and Caspian seas that contains the Caucasus Mountains; oil is its major resource Caucasia , Caucasus
usable natural resource energy
resource provided by the mind or one's personal capabilities inner resource
agency in the Technology Administration that is a primary resource for government-funded scientific and technical and engineering and business related information National Technical Information Service , NTIS
any natural resource (as wood or solar energy) that can be replenished naturally with the passage of time renewable resource
payment to the holder of a patent or copyright or resource for the right to use their property royalty
period of time considered as a resource under your control and sufficient to accomplish something time
reserved for opportune moment, key resource trump card
joint development of a petroleum resource that straddles territory controlled by different companies unitisation , unitization
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