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overpowering loss of restraint abandon
trait of lacking restraint or control; reckless freedom from inhibition or worry abandon , unconstraint , wantonness
safety restraint in an automobile; the bag inflates on collision and prevents the driver or passenger from being thrown forward air bag
restraint that slows airplanes as they land on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier arrester , arrester hook
rigorous self-denial and active self-restraint ascesis , asceticism
restraint put around something to hold it together band
restraint that confines or restricts freedom (especially something used to tie down or restrain a prisoner) bond , hamper , shackle , trammel
restraint used to slow or stop a vehicle brake
restraint provided when the brake linings are moved hydraulically against the brake drum to retard the wheel's rotation brake shoe , shoe , skid
type of restraint bridle
restraint that checks the motion of something catch , stop
anything that acts as a restraint chain
movement in literature and art during the 17th and 18th centuries in Europe that favored rationality and restraint and strict forms classicalism , classicism
figurative restraint collar , leash
self-restraint continence , moderation
depressing restraint damper
moral restraint, lacking dissolute , libertine , licentious
restraint consisting of a canvas covered frame that floats behind a vessel; prevents drifting or maintains the heading into a wind drogue , sea anchor
free from restraint emancipate , loose , untie
restraint that attaches to something or holds something in place fastener , fastening , fixing , holdfast
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