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(India) a place of religious retreat for Hindus ashram
place of religious retreat modeled after the Indian ashram ashram
retreat from an assertion back down
retreat northwest of Washington used by the president of the United States Camp David
leader of the Nez Perce in their retreat from United States troops (1840-1904) Chief Joseph , Joseph
pleasantly aromatic shrub having erect slender flexible hairy branches and dense clusters of small yellow flowers covering vast areas of western alkali plains and affording a retreat for jackrabbits; source of a yellow dye used by the Navajo Chrysothamnus nauseosus , rabbit brush , rabbit bush
quiet retreat den
amphibious evacuation in World War II (1940) when 330,000 Allied troops had to be evacuated from the beaches in northern France in a desperate retreat under enemy fire Dunkerque , Dunkirk
inclination to retreat from unpleasant realities through diversion or fantasy escape , escapism
dugout as a place of safe retreat (when in a funk) funk hole
retreat, place or attitude of ivory tower
cosy or secluded retreat nest
back away and retreat recede
participant in a religious retreat retreatant
retreat to worse condition retrogress
Communist who tries to rewrite Marxism to justify a retreat from the revolutionary position revisionist
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