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small dark green or yellow ribbed squash with yellow to orange flesh acorn squash
any cactus of the genus Echinocactus; strongly ribbed and very spiny; southwestern United States to Brazil barrel cactus , echinocactus
Old World plantain with long narrow ribbed leaves widely established in temperate regions buckthorn , English plantain , narrow-leaved plantain , Plantago lanceolata , ribgrass , ribwort , ripple-grass
any of numerous perennials having mounds of sumptuous broad ribbed leaves and clusters of white, blue, or lilac flowers; used as ground cover day lily , plantain lily
large genus of low-growing shrubby ribbed cacti of Mexico and southwestern United States Echinocereus , genus Echinocereus
grass often cultivated for its long white-ribbed leaves and large plumes resembling those of pampas grass Erianthus ravennae , Ravenna grass , wool grass
ribbed woven fabric of silk or rayon or cotton faille
genus of strongly ribbed globose or spheroid cacti of tropical South and Central America and the Caribbean genus Melocactus , Melocactus
helvella with a cup-shaped fertile body having a brown interior; the stalk is creamy white and heavily ribbed Helvella acetabulum
ribbed fabric used in clothing and upholstery poplin
vault that resembles a groined vault but has ribbed arches ribbed vault
tubular pasta in short ribbed pieces rigatoni
pasta, large ribbed macaroni rigatoni
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