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rig of triangular sails for a yacht Bermudan rig , Bermuda rig , Bermudian rig , Marconi rig
rig of a catboat cat rig
drilling rig consisting of an offshore platform (floating or fixed to the sea bed) from which many oil wells can be bored radially drilling platform , offshore rig
rig used in drilling for oil or gas drilling rig , drill rig , oil rig , oilrig
rig in which the principal sails are fore-and-aft fore-and-aft rig
sailing vessel with a fore-and-aft rig fore-and-after
sloop with a simplified rig and no bowsprit knockabout
rig on a lateen-rigged sailing vessel lateen-rig
someone who works on an oil rig oil rigger , rigger
sailing vessel with a specified rig rigger
trucking rig with two trailers in tandem tandem trailer
mast next above a lower mast and topmost in a fore-and-aft rig topmast
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