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disappointing decline after a previous rise anticlimax
value, rise in appreciation
English historian who studied the rise and fall of civilizations looking for cyclical patterns (1889-1975) Arnold Joseph Toynbee , Arnold Toynbee , Toynbee
natural family planning in which the fertile period of the woman's menstrual cycle is inferred by noting the rise in basal body temperature that typically occurs with ovulation basal body temperature method , basal body temperature method of family planning
strip consisting of two metals that bends with a rise in temperature bimetallic strip
investor with an optimistic market outlook; an investor who expects prices to rise and so buys now for resale later bull
market on rise bull market
stock market rise bull market
float in liquid or rise in gas, tendency to buoyancy
voice's pitch, rise and fall of cadence , inflection , intonation , modulation
claim sufficient to demand judicial attention; the facts that give rise to right of action cause of action
cavity in the mesoderm of an embryo that gives rise in humans to the pleural cavity and pericardial cavity and peritoneal cavity celom , celoma , coelom
imperial dynasty of China from 1122 to 221 BC; notable for the rise of Confucianism and Taoism Chou , Chou dynasty , Chow , Chow dynasty , Zhou , Zhou dynasty
coelenterates typically having alternation of generations; hydroid phase is usually colonial giving rise to the medusoid phase by budding: hydras and jellyfishes class Hydrozoa , Hydrozoa
French soldier and writer whose descriptions of sexual perversion gave rise to the term `sadism' (1740-1814) Comte Donatien Alphonse Francois de Sade , de Sade , Marquis de Sade , Sade
(psychology) the tendency for perceived objects to give rise to very similar perceptual experiences in spite of wide variations in the conditions of observation constancy , perceptual constancy
benefit that goes to anyone whose money receipts increase automatically as prices rise cost-of-living benefit
sudden rise in the crime rate crime wave
abrupt tide rise eagre
rise or raise above elevate
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