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small maple of northwestern North America having prostrate stems that root freely and form dense thickets Acer circinatum , vine maple
root growing in an unusual location e.g. from a stem adventitious root
result of adding an affix to a root word affixation
root of an algebraic equation with rational coefficients algebraic number
white-flowered West Indian plant whose root yields arrowroot starch American arrowroot , arrowroot , Maranta arundinaceae , obedience plant
North American plant similar to true licorice and having a root with similar properties American licorice , American liquorice , Glycyrrhiza lepidota , wild licorice , wild liquorice
grown for its thickened edible aromatic root Apium graveolens rapaceum , celeriac , celery root , knob celery , root celery , turnip-rooted celery
genus of edible mushrooms having white spores an annulus and blue juice; some are edible; some cause root rot Armillaria , genus Armillaria
coarse Eurasian plant cultivated for its thick white pungent root Armoracia rusticana , horse radish , horseradish , red cole
nutritive starch obtained from the root of the arrowroot plant arrowroot
starch resembling sago that is obtained from cuckoopint root arum
ferns having lanceolate fronds that root at the tip Asplenium rhizophyllum , Camptosorus rhizophyllus , walking fern , walking leaf
small genus of North American herbs often root-parasitic and bearing golden-yellow flowers; sometimes placed in genus Gerardia Aureolaria , genus Aureolaria
plant hormone that promotes root formation and bud growth auxin
rodlike bacterium (especially any of the rod-shaped or branched bacteria in the root nodules of nitrogen-fixing plants) bacteroid
round red root vegetable beet , beetroot
biennial Eurasian plant usually having a swollen edible root; widely cultivated as a food crop beet , Beta vulgaris , common beet
beet having a massively swollen red root; widely grown for human consumption beetroot , Beta vulgaris rubra
beet lacking swollen root; grown as a vegetable for its edible leaves and stalks Beta vulgaris cicla , chard , chard plant , leaf beet , spinach beet , Swiss chard
beet with a large yellowish root; grown chiefly as cattle feed Beta vulgaris vulgaris , mangel-wurzel , mangold , mangold-wurzel
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