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canna grown especially for its edible rootstock from which arrowroot starch is obtained achira , arrowroot , Canna edulis , Canna indica , indian shot
poisonous Eurasian perennial herb with broad rounded leaves and yellow flowers and fibrous rootstock Aconitum lycoctonum , wolf's bane , wolfbane , wolfsbane
delicate endemic Bermudian fern with creeping rootstock Adiantum bellum , Bermuda maidenhair , Bermuda maidenhair fern
stoloniferous herb of southwestern United States and Mexico having a pungent rootstock and small spicate flowers with white bracts suggesting an anemone Anemopsis californica , yerba mansa
European dock with broad obtuse leaves and bitter rootstock common as a weed in North America bitter dock , broad-leaved dock , Rumex obtusifolius , yellow dock
perennial woodland native of North America having a red root and red sap and bearing a solitary lobed leaf and white flower in early spring and having acrid emetic properties; rootstock used as a stimulant and expectorant bloodroot , puccoon , redroot , Sanguinaria canadensis , tetterwort
tall herb of eastern North America and Asia having blue berrylike fruit and a thick knotty rootstock formerly used medicinally blueberry root , blue cohosh , Caulophyllum thalictrioides , Caulophyllum thalictroides , papoose root , papooseroot , squawroot , squaw root
any of various irises having a rootstock formed like a bulb bulbous iris
European bittercress having a knotted white rootstock Cardamine bulbifera , coral-root bittercress , coralroot , coralwort , Dentaria bulbifera
European maritime sedge naturalized along Atlantic coast of United States; rootstock has properties of sarsaparilla Carex arenaria , sand reed , sand sedge
low-growing perennial of North America woodlands having trifoliate leaves and yellow rootstock and white flowers Coptis groenlandica , Coptis trifolia groenlandica , golden thread , goldthread
South African vine having a massive rootstock covered with deeply fissured bark Dioscorea elephantipes , elephant's-foot , Hottentot's bread vine , Hottentot bread vine , tortoise plant
perennial herb of northeastern United States having a thick knotted yellow rootstock and large rounded leaves goldenseal , golden seal , Hydrastis Canadensis , turmeric root , yellow root
either of two ferns of the genus Davallia having a soft grey hairy rootstock hare's-foot fern
thick edible rootstock of elephant's-foot Hottentot's bread , Hottentot bread
fern having rootstock of a sweetish flavor licorice fern , Polypodium glycyrrhiza
fragrant rootstock of various irises especially Florentine iris; used in perfumes and medicines orris , orrisroot
any of several plants of the genus Polygonatum having paired drooping yellowish-green flowers and a thick rootstock with scars shaped like Solomon's seal Solomon's-seal
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