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rough and bitter manner acerbity , acrimony , bitterness , jaundice , tartness , thorniness
natural and rough agrestic
rough annual herbs of Europe and the Americas: fiddlenecks Amsinckia , genus Amsinckia
small slow-growing pine of western United States similar to the bristlecone pine; chocolate brown bark in plates and short needles in bunches of 5; crown conic but becoming rough and twisted; oldest plant in the world growing to 5000 years in cold semides ancient pine , Pinus longaeva
estimate, rough approximation
burdock having heart-shaped leaves found in open woodland, hedgerows and rough grassland of Europe (except extreme N) and Asia Minor; sometimes cultivated for medicinal and culinary use Arctium lappa , cocklebur , great burdock , greater burdock
coarse perennial Eurasian grass resembling oat; found on roadside verges and rough grassland and in hay meadows; introduced in North America for forage Arrhenatherum elatius , evergreen grass , false oat , French rye , tall meadow grass , tall oat grass
wiry tufted perennial of the eastern United States with stiff erect rough stems, linear leaves and large violet flowers Aster linarifolius , stiff aster
rough up bash , manhandle , thrash
any of numerous usually rhizomatous hybrid begonias derived from an East Indian plant having rough-textured leaves patterned in silver and bronze and purple and red-brown with inconspicuous flowers beefsteak geranium , Begonia rex , king begonia , painted-leaf begonia , rex begonia
any of various tropical and subtropical plants having trifoliate leaves and rough sticky pod sections or loments beggar's lice , beggar lice , tick trefoil
red fishes of American coastal tropical waters having very large eyes and rough scales bigeye
small mallee with rough dark-colored bark toward the butt; yields a red eucalyptus kino gum black gum , black mallee , black sally , Eucalytus stellulata
behavior, of noisy and rough boisterous
small rough-coated terrier of British origin Border terrier
rough-coated breed used originally in Belgium for herding and guarding cattle Bouvier des Flandres , Bouviers des Flandres
any of various rough thorny shrubs or vines bramble
rough bed (as at a campsite) bunk
rotary file for smoothing rough edges left on a workpiece burr
rough projection left on a workpiece after drilling or cutting burr
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