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estimate, rough approximation
rough up bash , manhandle , thrash
small mallee with rough dark-colored bark toward the butt; yields a red eucalyptus kino gum black gum , black mallee , black sally , Eucalytus stellulata
small rough-coated terrier of British origin Border terrier
any of various rough thorny shrubs or vines bramble
rough bed (as at a campsite) bunk
rotary file for smoothing rough edges left on a workpiece burr
rough projection left on a workpiece after drilling or cutting burr
rough protuberance burr , snag
small rough-haired breed of terrier from Scotland cairn , cairn terrier
orange melon enclosed by a rough skin cantaloupe
any road or path affording passage especially a rough one cartroad , cart track , track
short-tailed rough-haired South American rodent cavy
benign growth (often with a rough surface) common wart
small strip of corrugated steel with sharp points on one side; hammered across wood joints in rough carpentry corrugated fastener , wiggle nail
boot metal spikes for rough terrain crampons
any of several winter squash plants producing large greyish-green football-shaped fruit with a rough warty rind Cucurbita maxima , hubbard squash
large genus of tall rough herbs belonging to the family Boraginaceae Cynoglossum , genus Cynoglossum
rough edge left by a deckle on handmade paper or produced artificially on machine-made paper deckle , deckle edge
rough out delineate , draft , outline , plan , sketch
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