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Russian poet (1880-1921) Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Blok , Alexander Alexandrovich Blok , Blok
Russian composer (1833-1887) Aleksandr Borodin , Aleksandr Porfirevich Borodin , Borodin
Russian revolutionary who was head of state after Nicholas II abdicated but was overthrown by the Bolsheviks (1881-1970) Aleksandr Feodorovich Kerensky , Kerensky
Russian physicist whose research into ways of moving electrons around atoms led to the development of masers and lasers for producing high-intensity radiation (1916-2002) Aleksandr Mikjailovich Prokhorov , Aleksandr Prokhorov , Prokhorov
Russian composer of orchestral and piano music (1872-1915) Aleksandr Nikolayevich Scriabin , Aleksandr Scriabin , Scriabin
Russian poet (1799-1837) Aleksandr Sergeyevich Pushkin , Alexander Pushkin , Pushkin
Russian writer of plays and novels and short stories; noted for his depiction of social outcasts Aleksey Maksimovich Peshkov , Aleksey Maximovich Peshkov , Gorki , Gorky , Maksim Gorky , Maxim Gorki
Russian chess master who was world champion from 1975 until 1985 when he was defeated by Gary Kasparov (born in 1951) Anatoli Karpov , Anatoli Yevgenevich Karpov , Karpov
Russian filmmaker (1932-1986) Andrei Arsenevich Tarkovsky , Andrei Tarkovsky , Tarkovsky
Soviet physicist and dissident; helped develop the first Russian hydrogen bomb; advocated nuclear disarmament and campaigned for human rights (1921-1989) Andrei Dimitrievich Sakharov , Andrei Sakharov , Sakharov
Russian mathematician (1856-1922) Andrei Markov , Andre Markoff , Markoff , Markov
Russian poet (born in 1933) Andrei Voznesenski , Voznesenski
Russian ballerina (1882-1931) Anna Pavlova , Pavlova
Russian dramatist whose plays are concerned with the difficulty of communication between people (1860-1904) Anton Chekhov , Anton Chekov , Anton Pavlovich Chekhov , Anton Pavlovich Chekov , Chekhov , Chekov
Russian composer and pianist (1829-1894) Anton Gregor Rubinstein , Anton Grigorevich Rubinstein , Anton Rubenstein , Rubinstein
14 books of the Old Testament included in the Vulgate (except for II Esdras) but omitted in Jewish and Protestant versions of the Bible; eastern Christian churches (except the Coptic church) accept all these books as canonical; the Russian Orthodox church Apocrypha
Russian composer (born in Armenia) whose works are romantic and reflect his interest in folk music (1903-1978) Aram Ilich Khachaturian , Aram Khachaturian , Khachaturian
Russian unit of length (71 cm) archine
decisive battle during the Napoleonic campaigns (1805); the French under Napoleon defeated the Russian armies of Czar Alexander I and the Austrian armies of Emperor Francis II Austerlitz , battle of Austerlitz
woman's headscarf folded into a triangle and tied under the chine; worn by Russian peasant women babushka
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