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sad, looking baleful , doleful , gloomy , lugubrious
lonely and sad bereft , desolate , forlorn , forsaken
sad and thoughtful brooding , pensive
sad for one's sins, offenses contrite , penitent , remorseful , rueful
sad feelings of gloom and inadequacy depression
sad and morose dour , dyspeptic , glum , resentful , sullen
sad Portuguese folksong fado
sad, very heartbroken , inconsolable
sad and tearful lachrymose
French mime famous for his sad-faced clown (born in 1923) Marceau , Marcel Marceau
characteristic in something or someone that evokes sad emotions pathos
sad situation pity
make a sad face pout
state of being sad sadness , sorrow , sorrowfulness
very sad event tragedy
story having a sad ending tragedy
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