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safe place, harbor asylum , haven , refuge , sanctuary , shelter
keep safe conserve , preserve , safeguard
quality of not being safe dangerousness
liquid safe for people drink
study of safe, efficient work and its environment ergonomics
mechanism capable of returning to a safe state in case there is a failure or malfunction fail-safe
agency in the General Services Administration that is a security organization to provide a safe environment where Federal agencies can conduct their business Federal Protective Service , FPS
dugout as a place of safe retreat (when in a funk) funk hole
safe place haven
independent agency established by and accountable to the President in 2001; develops and implements a national strategy to make the United States safe from terrorist threats or attacks Homeland Security , Office of Homeland Security
safe from attack impregnable , impregnable , invulnerable , secure , unassailable
safe for storing meat meat safe
government agency in the Department of Labor to maintain a safe and healthy work environment Occupational Safety and Health Administration , OSHA
guard, safe- palladium
someone who keeps safe from harm or danger preserver
safe place refuge , safety
mail that is registered by the post office when sent in order to assure safe delivery registered mail , registered post
pass guaranteeing safe journey safe-conduct
document or escort providing safe passage through a region especially in time of war safe-conduct , safeguard
quality of being safe safeness
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