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Texas sage having intensely blue flowers blue sage , mealy sage , Salvia farinacea
blue-flowered sage of dry prairies of the eastern United States blue sage , Salvia azurea
sage of western North America to Central America having violet-blue flowers; widespread in cultivation blue sage , Salvia lancifolia , Salvia reflexa
sage of eastern United States cancerweed , cancer weed , Salvia lyrata
sage grouse Centrocercus , genus Centrocercus
stout Mediterranean sage with white or pink or violet flowers; yields oil used as a flavoring and in perfumery clary sage , Salvia clarea
basic principles of the cosmos; also: an ancient sage in Hindu mythology worshipped as a god by some lower castes; Dharma
mints: aromatic herbs and shrubs having flowers resembling the lips of a mouth and four-lobed ovaries yielding four one-seeded nutlets and including thyme; sage; rosemary family Labiatae , family Lamiaceae , Labiatae , Lamiaceae , mint family
large genus of shrubs and subshrubs of the mint family varying greatly in habit: sage genus Salvia
(Hinduism) term of respect for a Brahmin sage mahatma
color of sage leaves sage green
Eurasian sage with blue flowers and foliage like verbena; naturalized in United States Salvia verbenaca , vervain sage , wild clary , wild sage
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