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expert who studies financial data (on credit or securities or sales or financial patterns etc.) and recommends appropriate business actions analyst
someone who stands in front of a show (as at a carnival) and gives a loud colorful sales talk to potential customers barker
unusually successful hit with widespread popularity and huge sales (especially a movie or play or recording or novel) blockbuster , megahit , smash hit
small sales stand booth
trailer that can be loaded with new cars for delivery to sales agencies car carrier
transactions (sales and purchases) having the objective of supplying commodities (goods and services) commerce , commercialism , mercantilism
sales outlet offering goods at a discounted price discounter , discount house , discount store , wholesale house
manager who supervises the sales activity for a district district manager
employee of a retail store who supervises sales personnel and helps with customer problems floorwalker , shopwalker
ratio gross profits divided by net sales gross margin , margin of profit , profit margin
(finance) the net sales minus the cost of goods and services sold gross profit , gross profit margin , margin
efforts to regulate or control sales of guns gun control
magazine sales stall kiosk
gross sales reduced by customer discounts, returns, freight out, and allowances net sales
investment sold without a sales charge no-load fund
advertising campaign intended to promote sales sales campaign
finance company that buys (at a discount) the installment sales contracts of retail merchants sales finance company
remuneration offered to a salesperson for exceeding some predetermined sales goal sales incentive
those in a business who are responsible for sales sales staff
aggregate of short sales on an open market short account
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