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sound of a hound on the scent bay
bath in which you add something to foam and scent the bath water bubble bath
fragrant liquid scent cologne
huntsman who hunts small animals with fast dogs that use sight rather than scent to follow their prey courser
hunting with dogs (usually greyhounds) that are trained to chase game (such as hares) by sight instead of by scent coursing
long cultivated herb having flowers whose scent is more pronounced in the evening; naturalized throughout Europe to Siberia and into North America damask violet , Dame's violet , Hesperis matronalis , sweet rocket
hunting, something providing artificial scent in drag
family of dicotyledonous plants of order Geraniales; have flowers that are divide into four or five parts and usually have a strong scent family Rutaceae , rue family , Rutaceae
outdoor game; the hares start off on a long run scattering bits of paper (the scent) and the hounds try to catch them before they reach a designated spot hare and hounds , paper chase
fragrant scent incense
pleasing scent produced when incense is burned incense
scent of a greasy glandular secretion from the male musk deer musk
state of being rancid; having a rancid scent or flavor (as of old cooking oil) rancidity
breathe noisily, as dog following scent snuffle
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