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Italian pope from 1406 to 1415 who worked to end the Great Schism and who retired to make it possible (1327-1417) Angelo Correr , Gregory , Gregory XII
town in southeastern France on the Rhone River; the seat of the papacy from 1309 to 1378 and the residence of antipopes during the Great Schism Avignon
Italian pope from 1378 to 1389 whose contested election began the Great Schism; he alienated his political allies by his ruthless treatment of his opponents (1318-1389) Bartolomeo Prignano , Urban VI
council in 1414-1418 that succeeded in ending the Great Schism in the Roman Catholic Church Constance , Council of Constance
council in 869 that condemned Photius who had become the patriarch of Constantinople without approval from the Vatican, thereby precipitating the schism between the eastern and western churches Constantinople , Fourth Council of Constantinople
Italian pope from 1417 to 1431 whose election as pope ended the Great Schism (1368-1431) Martin V , Oddone Colonna
disposition toward schism and secession from a larger group; the principles and practices of separatists separatism
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