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bay of the North Atlantic between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia; noted for rapid tides as great as 70 feet Bay of Fundy
native or inhabitant of Nova Scotia bluenose , Nova Scotian
Italian explorer who led the English expedition in 1497 that discovered the mainland of North America and explored the coast from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland (ca. 1450-1498) Cabot , Giovanni Cabato , John Cabot
Louisianian descended from Acadian immigrants from Nova Scotia (`Cajun' comes from `Acadian') Cajun
collective name for the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island Canadian Maritime Provinces , Maritime Provinces , Maritimes
island that forms the northeastern part of Nova Scotia Cape Breton Island
promontory on the far southern part of Nova Scotia Cape Sable
French explorer in Nova Scotia who established a settlement on the site of modern Quebec (1567-1635) Champlain , Samuel de Champlain
small silvery fish; Nova Scotia to Brazil Decapterus macarellus , mackerel scad , mackerel shad
provincial capital and largest city of Nova Scotia Halifax
from Nova Scotia to West Indies and Gulf of Mexico Lampris guttatus , New World opah
large searobin; found from Nova Scotia to Florida northern sea robin , Prionotus carolinus
Canadian province in the Maritimes consisting of the Nova Scotia peninsula and Cape Breton Island; French settlers who called the area Acadia were exiled to Louisiana by the British in the 1750s and their descendants are know as Cajuns Nova Scotia
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