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qualities that attract by seeming to promise some kind of reward come-on , enticement , lure
trait of seeming ill at ease disquiet , unease , uneasiness
property of being (or seeming to be) without end endlessness
trait of remaining calm and seeming not to care; a casual lack of concern indifference , nonchalance , unconcern
appearance of truth that is false or deceptive; seeming plausibility meretriciousness , speciousness
seeming to exist nominally
state of being everywhere at once (or seeming to be everywhere at once) omnipresence , ubiquitousness , ubiquity
reason, of a seeming or professed ostensible , ostensive , purported , specious
reason, seeming or professed pretext
prisonlike situation; a place of seeming confinement prison , prison house
genuine but not, seeming specious
appearance of truth; the quality of seeming to be true verisimilitude
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