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charm and sensual appeal animal magnetism
attractiveness, sensual animal magnetism
sensual pleasures, indulgence in debauchery , depravity , dissipation , dissolution , intemperance
dissolute indulgence in sensual pleasure dissipation , dissolution , licentiousness , looseness , profligacy
sensual pleasures, place offering fleshpot
someone motivated by desires for sensual pleasures hedonist , pagan , pleasure seeker
sensual pleasures, person indulging in hedonist , sybarite , voluptuary
(Hinduism) an ancient Sanskrit text giving rules for sensuous and sensual pleasure and love and marriage in accordance with Hindu law Kamasutra
someone who adheres to strict religious principles; someone opposed to sensual pleasures puritan
desire for sensual pleasures sensualism , sensuality , sensualness
beautiful and sensual voluptuous
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