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cavity containing the major viscera; in mammals it is separated from the thorax by the diaphragm abdomen , abdominal cavity
separated in emotional relations alienated , estranged
court-ordered support paid by one spouse to another after they are separated alimony , maintenance
orthodox Anabaptist sect separated from the Mennonites in late 17th century; settled chiefly in southeastern Pennsylvania Amish sect
procedure in which blood is drawn and separated into its components by dialysis; some are retained and the rest are returned to the donor by transfusion apheresis , pheresis
separated, divided asunder , cleft , cloven
originally thought to be a single vitamin but now separated into several B vitamins B , B-complex vitamin , B complex , B vitamin , vitamin B , vitamin B complex
extraneous noise contaminating sound measurements that cannot be separated from the desired signal background noise , ground noise
coral rock parallel to coast, separated by lagoon barrier reef
broken husks of the seeds of cereal grains that are separated from the flour by sifting bran
family in which the parents have separated or divorced broken home
category used in some classification systems for mosses having the spore case separated from the capsule wall by a hollow intercellular space Bryales , order Bryales
social class separated from others by distinctions of hereditary rank or profession or wealth caste
material consisting of seed coverings and small pieces of stem or leaves that have been separated from the seeds chaff , husk , shuck , stalk , straw , stubble
any of the more than 100 known substances (of which 92 occur naturally) that cannot be separated into simpler substances and that singly or in combination constitute all matter chemical element , element
court-ordered support paid by one spouse to the other who has custody of the children after the parents are separated child support
enamelware in which colored areas are separated by thin metal strips cloisonne
enamelware with colors separated by thin strips of metal cloisonne
separated or kept apart cloistered , secluded , sequestered
artifact that is one of the individual parts of which a composite entity is made up; especially a part that can be separated from or attached to a system component , constituent , element
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