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category of nouns serving as the direct object of a verb accusative , accusative case , objective case
state of serving as an official and authorized delegate or agent agency , delegacy , representation
operative serving as a penetration into an intelligence target agent-in-place
boy serving as an acolyte altar boy
either of two communicating veins serving the brain anastomotic vein , vena anastomotica
camouflage, concerning coloration serving as natural apatetic
coloring serving as natural camouflage apatetic coloration
conspicuous coloration or markings of an animal serving to warn off predators aposematic coloration , warning coloration
particular geographical region of indefinite boundary (usually serving some special purpose or distinguished by its people or culture or geography) area , country
expert serving an ambassador attache
foreign girl serving as an au pair au pair girl
one of two veins serving the ear region auricular vein , vena auricularis
means of serving avail , help , service
anything serving to maintain separation by obstructing vision or access barrier
back line bounding each end of a tennis or handball court; when serving the server must not step over this line baseline , service line
relatively large glass for serving beer beer glass
mug intended for serving beer beer mug , stein
English recruit (who wore a uniform that was black and tan) serving in the Irish constabulary to suppress the Sinn Fein rebellion of 1919 to 1921 Black and Tan
slang term for England used by English troops serving abroad Blighty
dish (often boat-shaped) for serving gravy or sauce boat , gravy boat , gravy holder , sauceboat
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