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coming on quickly and severely and lasting a short time acute
traditional mistletoe of Christmas in America: grows on deciduous trees and can severely weaken the host plant American mistletoe , Phoradendron flavescens , Phoradendron serotinum
aphasia in which expression by speech or writing is severely impaired ataxic aphasia , Broca's aphasia , expressive aphasia , motor aphasia , nonfluent aphasia
scold severely berate , blister , flay , ream
criticize severely castigate , censure , chastise , crucify , excoriate , fly , pan , pillory , revile , scarify , slam , vituperate
severely repressive actions crackdown
storm in which violent winds are drawn into the column of hot air rising over a severely bombed area firestorm
disease occurring suddenly and severely, of a foudroyant
document written by someone still legally capable requesting that they should be allowed to die if subsequently severely disabled or suffering terminal illness living will
North American insect that severely damages grasses meadow spittlebug , Philaenus spumarius
problem that severely tests the ability of an inexperienced person pons asinorum
speak severely to a wrongdoer rebuke
speak severely to someone for a wrongdoing reprimand
severely critical attack slating
anything immaterial that severely hinders or confines straitjacket
beat severely trounce
severely beat wallop
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